Vegan Shepherd’s Pie (Serves 4)


1 tbsp rice bran oil

1 small diced onion

400g vegan mince*

1 large grated carrot

1 small grated potato

1tsp cumin

½ tsp turmeric

140g tomato paste

3 tbsp nutritional yeast

½ tsp vegan stock powder

2 big handfuls cavelo nero (or veg of your choice)

1 large sweet potato

Splash of olive oil and / or vegan butter

Salt & pepper to taste


Cut sweet potatoes into even chunks and boil or steam, ready to be mashed

While they’re cooking:

Heat rice bran oil in heavy based

Saute onions over low heat (careful not to burn like I do almost every time)

Add vegan mince and give it a stir

When you think the vegan mince is cooked and has browned a little add the carrot and potato

While that’s cooking and you are stirring, add your spices, tomato paste, nutritional yeast (reserve 1 tbs for the mashed sweet potato), stock powder.

Rinse out the tomato paste container with water and add to the pan to prevent everything from sticking.

Once the liquid is mixed and it’s all simmering away nicely, add your veggies and reduce temperature a little. (you don’t want mixture too wet)

Meanwhile, sweet potato should be well and truly cooked by now

Drain well, add mash with a potato masher or a kitchen stick blender

Add remaining nutritional yeast and mix through well

Add vegan butter and / or olive oil and mix through well

Season to taste

Set aside until pie mix is ready

Ladel the pie mix into a baking dish (I used a 9×9 inch dish)

Spoon the mash mix evenly on top. It’s nice to have some swirls to get that extra crunch when cooked

Bake in a mod oven (I used a fan forced oven at 170deg c) for 45mins

I turned the grill on for last 5 mins to get those little extra little crispy bits

Serve hot with a side of greens

*Note: this is an extremely versatile dish

You can swap out the vegan mince for lentils, beans, mushrooms, aubergine

I think a more traditional recipe uses mixed herbs rather than my choice, but you can substitute for your own favourite flavours

I haven’t used grated potato in the pie mix before – but Mum told me she always used to, as it helps to bind it all together. It worked well in this instance.

Traditional recipe calls for Worcestershire sauce and there is a vegan substitute – I’ve not used it but it will add lovely tang if you chose to

You can also add vegan cheese on top but it really is good as is


Bon appetite!

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