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“I had never considered seeing a health coach until I met Linda through a friend. Her warmth and serenity, together with her infectious enthusiasm for healthy living, got me interested. Taking part in her uniquely tailored program, has been life changing. Through our regular meetings and discussions, she has enlightened me, encouraged me and helped me to put her advice into practice. As a result, I have gained vitality, confidence and poise. I am forever grateful to Linda’s impressive approach in guiding me to make better choices.

Anette A.

I enjoyed my food journey with Linda. I was not looking for a diet but a way to understand food better and have a deeper knowledge to make a more informed decision on what to eat and why. We reflected on my food habits and worked on changing some small and some larger things to create new habits. Through this approach some (not all) the changes have become my new food habits and I am happy about that.”


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Taking Health Back Into Your Own Hands

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