Taking Health Back Into Our Own Hands

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing therapeutic form of massage, originating from Japan. The word shiatsu means finger pressure and this, combined with stretching, palming, cupping and acupressure can help with a vast range of conditions such as stress, insomnia, digestion, headaches, neck and shoulder tension.

Incorporating theory and practice based on traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine, shiatsu stimulates the flow of energy (ki) and blood that runs through your meridians (energy channels) helping restore a harmonious balance between yin and yang. Through times of stress, poor diet, lack of exercise or movement, disease and injury these meridians can become blocked, creating stagnation, deficiency and imbalances.

Shiatsu is a very holistic approach to healing and with regular treatments and dietary advice, balance and harmony can be restored not only in the physical aspect, but in the mental and spiritual being as well.

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Taking Health Back Into Your Own Hands

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